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Human Factors



Military Pilot fast jet flying instruction on Full Mission Simulators (FMS) - BAE Systems Hawk

Commercial and Airline Pilot synthetic flying instruction (ICAO compliant)

Aviation Crew Resource Management (CRM) training for Airlines and Corporate Aviation

Aviation Human Factors implementation and training programs for Military aviation

Aviation Academy lecturing and tutoring

Aircrew technical instruction

Airline Transport Pilot License ground school tuition

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Our consultants are certified and highly experienced facilitators, instructors and examiners in Aviation Human Factors and Crew Resource Management. Their qualifications and aeronautical experience include:

Masters degree of Aviation Management in Human Factors and Business Administration from the University of Newcastle, Australia.

Air Force Instructor Pilots

Combat Instructors on fast jets

●Advanced and Basic Flying Instructors

●Ab-Initio Flying Instructors

International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)

Airline Transport Pilots (ATPL)

Flying Instructors

Crew Resource Management Trainer  Examiners (FAA/EASA)

Royal Air Force (RAF) Human Factors Supervisors

Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Members (USA/Canada)

Royal Aeronautical Society Members (MRAeS)